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This site is driving me CRAZY!!! I am NOT very computer litterate! I just look for things on my Silk browser.My kids have to help me with most things!☺ I REALLY want to be helpful to others ans my EyeBuyDirect expierence! Which is the best I've ever had! I don't know URL's or anything. I am sorry I can't be more help!!

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Their shipping is terrible. They don't send tracking #'s either. Live chat is your best bet for help, but still won't send you a link. The company called me on unknown. Unknown? I won't be ordering from them again. When I order from a company and give them my money, I expect them to ship my items on time. They're shipping from texas, not China. This company is not convenient what so ever.

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I have had nothing less than a VERY positive experience! I VERY rarely order anything on line!! My kids tease me about being "computer illiterate", which buy the way, they are correct☺!!! The EyeBuyDirect web site is very user friendly, the costomer service is excellent, the product is amazing, and they have the BEST prices of any company I found on the internet!! I have already been telling EVERY one about EyeByDirect!! I WILL be ordering again... Read more

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I bought 3 pairs of sunglasses from Eye Buy Direct. I have had them for a couple of months and they were fine. Then All THREE of them got some sort of swirly lines all over the lenses. I thought they were just dirty because they were blurry. They are not wearable. EBD said they would replace them if I would pay the shipping fee. I decided to do it to see if they will do them again. I purchased about 12 pairs of glasses and 3 sunglasses from... Read more

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I am completely happy with the glasses that I have ordered. I needed a larger frame on one occasion. My last pair are prescription polarized sunglasses for boating and I am so impressed with the lenses and frame that I ordered a second pair today. I think I have ordered five pair in total and absolutely happy with all of them. I will continue to order as long as they offer frames that I like. Typically I like the semi-metal frames and... Read more

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Terrible! Took my $ instantly, list my order, had to rma order... Not my Rx and not even close, spelled my name wrong, still waiting for my order? Started March 31st... Its May 24rd. Still no glasses! Come on! You are in Austin, I am in Houston, thats one day groynd shipping. Get this *** done people! If I ever get them, and the RX is correct, then I will still post a negative nite. I would be fired if I treated a customer this poorly! Read more

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I returned my first pair of glasses for a replacement because my lenses were not transitioning in the sunlight. My replacement pair still barely changed in sunlight, but I kept them. Yesterday, I took my glasses out to put them on and the lenses are wavy and distorted. I cannot wear the glasses because the lenses have what appear to be tiny cracks all through them and looking at them is like looking out of tempered glass. This is ridiculous.... Read more

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I have some of the worst eyes of everyone I know. -6.00 nearsighted with astigmatism..... normally it takes a month or two to get glasses made and delivered, Eye Buy Direct took a week.... I'm pumped! The styles also were great. Its also less than 1/2 the price i normally pay for my prescription. Will buy again for sure. 100 words 100 words 100 words 100 words 100 words 100 words 100 words 100 words 100 words 100 words 100 words 100 words 100... Read more

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Let's be honest, if anyone thinks they are getting a pair or glasses for $20 and the quality will match a pair of $200-$300 glasses, they've probably never heard the "too good to be true" saying or fail to comprehend it. I've ordered one pair from them so far and I can tell you they feel very flimsy by comparison. They are perfectly functional as eyeglass and prescription matches fine. I've mostly used them around my home when my regular pair... Read more

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I had ordered glasses and although I had concerns about the low price I decided to proceed. Terrible mistake. Not only did my glasses mysteriously go missing and not arrive, but the company wouldnt go forward with an investigation with the post office as to why. They offered to send a replacement pair but I would need to wait for them to be produced, again, and then have them sent, again... so what? So I could not receive them for a second time... Read more

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