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Finding round eyeglass frames are difficult these days and I was happy to find the selection at the lens seem accurate and clear with my prescription so that isn't the trouble - it is the frames. I find them too flexible and the Socrates frames were a disappointment. Not long after getting them a lens was rotating in the frame. Later it popped out when cleaning it. I tried... Read more

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Frames and Laboratory are from China. Add comment

Hi, last August I purchased a pair of glasses from eye buy direct, the rolling day my credit card was debited with $26.52, since then this happened three more times with similar amounts but not the same amounts, all the withdrawal have come from China,the last one went to Jinjiang and the first one from Shanghai then Jieyang, it appears to be very coincedical that this has occurred, I have now... Read more

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If I could give them zero stars I would. A week after charging my credit card they sent an email that my glasses had shipped and to expect them in 3-5 days. That's been weeks ago. Customer service is rude and good only for lying to you and stalling. I gave up on the glasses and just asked for my money back. They have yet to refund it. I am attempting to report their fraud to my credit card... Read more

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I *really* hate these guys. They are the WORST! Earlier this year I got my eyes checked by a new optometrist because my doctor that I had for years had just recently died. I sent this prescription into EyeBuyDirect with my new glasses order from them. The glasses came back so far off they were completely unusable. I spent a couple hours with the optometrist so I was pretty pissed when I got my... Read more

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I have been a loyal customer of EYEBUYDIRECT for a couple of years now. I have had a prescription change and went straight to them to order new frames. Got a great pair, but I noticed on the lenses that the prescription numbers were etched into the lenses and not buffed out creating a blur in my vision where the numbers are. I contacted customer service who immediately stated that this is... Read more

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Resolved 100% FULL

Eyebuydirect - Poorly made
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I have been a faithful customer of EyeBuyDirect for a number of years and have introduced its service to several people in Portugal. However, I must share my disappointment linked to my last orders: I know that probably they have the best price in the market, but their quality is coming down compared to the previous speckles they use to offer. I have a few here and I have compared them and the... Read more

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I recently bought a pair of glasses from Eyebuydirect and have bought several pair of the last few years. I have always been satisfied with the products. The last time I bought glasses at the end of the purchase was a magazine add that due to the purchase of the glasses that I would receive (3) free magazines for a one time cost of $2.00. Upon providing my bank card my wife noticed the next day... Read more

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I want to share my review of buying glasses online. I had gotten a super nice pair of glasses 4 yrs. ago that were rimless and thick as pop bottles! Then had cataract surgery, then they were too strong -being useless. To get my current scripted lenses w/my current frames is $380! I don't think so! That would mean having over $700 invested in a pair of glasses, nope. I can do much better. So I... Read more

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I am surprised by the number of negative complaints I am seeing. I had a really good experience with them and the price could not be beaten any place period. They came pretty fast and the transaction was smooth. The only one thing wrong and I was able to fix myself was on one pair, the lenses kept popping out, I simply removed the lenses and squeezed the rims in a little and then re fitted the... Read more

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