I figured out my order for 4 pairs of glasses and then went back to their homepage to apply the discounts they were offering (15% off "ANYTHING if you order TODAY" for new customers, and "AN EXTRA 5% off plus free UV coating for ANY RX purchase). When the checkout page would not allow me to apply the coupon codes, I called the company (HAD TO CALL BACK SEVERAL TIMES).

1st call got disconnected, 2nd call I asked to speak to a supervisor (that lead to never, never land), 3rd call lead to yet ANOTHER rep NAMED "GINA",(that seriously thought she "knew it all", and came back and said, "MY SUPERVISOR will give you a 10% discount"). At this point I was getting pretty frustrated (needless to say), and I asked AGAIN to speak to the supervisor. FINALLY, "DIANA" (the supposed supervisor), got on the line and tried to tell me that I was already getting a discount (because one of the pairs of glasses were on sale), and she could only give me the 10% that "Gina" mentioned. When I stated that their homepage said 15% off "ANYTHING" that I ordered "TODAY", she tried to skirt the issue.

Finally after going back and forth several times she acted like she was "DOING ME A FAVOR", and said "O.K.", I will give you the 15% discount. So, then I brought up the other discount offered of "AN EXTRA 5% off ANY PURCHASE (RX purchase, that is), and FREE UV coating. WELL, that's when all *** broke loose !!! AFTER BEING DISCONNECTED AGAIN (AND HAVING TO CALL BACK A 4TH TIME), "GINA" answers and tells me "THAT I WASN'T DISCONNECTED (because "WE" don't disconnect people - that I had just gotten lost in the call system - WHICH COULD NOT BE TRUE, BECAUSE I CALLED BACK FROM A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PHONE).

"DIANA and GINA" (probably fake names - because all "reps" sounded Asian - and NOOOOO, I'm NOT predjudice) both tried to tell me that both of these discounts did not apply to my order, so I asked them to show me WHERE on their website it says that. "GINA" led me to their page that showed 4 coupons (NOT the same offers as on their homepage - AND WHICH SAYS NOTHING ABOUT NOT COMBINING OFFERS). "GINA" also, BASICALLY TOLD ME TO EITHER ACCEPT THE 15% discount, OR SHOP SOMEWHERE ELSE - then I replied, I"M SURE THE OWNERS OF "eyebuydirect.com" would be interested in hearing that. SHE SAID THAT WAS 'FINE", and to give them "HER" name).

I tried desperately to get them to understand that this is "FALSE ADVERTISING", if they are NOT giving customers what they offer on their website. "DIANA" told me that she would inform their "IT" dept. (so they could TAKE the discounts down). After so much wrangling with them, I finally "LOST IT".

I asked for "DIANA'S" supervisor's (or, an owners name), and she said I could send an email. WEEEELLLL, I know where that email would end up.


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