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I bought a pair of the Hampton prescription sunglasses. I like the look and the prescription was perfect.

The first pair failed as I left them in my car, which the temperature had gotten to over 100 degrees. I sent the first pair back ; but ordered another set because I figured it may have been just a problem with that pair. Well, the second pair failed also. I wrote the company and their response was that if you leave the glasses in your car they can be ruined.

Well I have seen the results. They are correct. Hardly a good answer for sunglasses.

I thought you would wear these to protect your eyes from the sun, however do not leave them in the sun. They say they warranty the glasses but never received a replacement .

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $230.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Eyebuydirect Pros: Good prescription.

Eyebuydirect Cons: Sun glasses are defective.

  • Defective Sunglasses
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I also have purchased 2 pair of sunglasses through eyebuydirect. The first pair lasted about a month.

I had them in my car and went to put them on and could not see through them. They had a haze, crackle like over both lenses. I called and spoke with 2 different representatives and both seemed oblivious to what i said was wrong and why, how could this happen to sunglasses. I returned for a replacement.

Forward, 1 year later, Yesterday I went to put them on, they had been in my car, and yes it's summer and hot! I thought I had smudged oil or perfume on them because i couldn't see out of the left lense. Come to realize these lenses did the same thing as my last pair. This would have happened a lot sooner had they been kept in the car in the hot sun.

Isn't that what sunglasses are for? This is ridiculous!

I cannot believe there are not more complaints and i cannot believe they can get away with selling faulty finishes on their glasses. My 1 year warranty ended last month wouldn't you know it!

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