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I ordered from them a month ago. Three weeks ago I got an email from them that they had shipped my eyeglasses to me.

I was following the tracking information. All was going well until the tracking showed "pending acceptance" at a post office location in a city about 40 minutes south of me. The "pending acceptance" status remained all that week which I thought was odd. On the expected arrival date, no package.

Nothing. I contacted Eyebuydirect about my item not arriving and they claimed not to know anything, said that it was,"out of their hands after shipping". I contacted the post office that my package was allegedly pending acceptance. They said they never received the package.

Eyebuydirect offered to send another pair.

The order status of this one has been at "Lens cutting and bevel edging" for 4 days now and hasn't even shipped. Hmm..makes me wonder if I'm ever going to get my eyeglasses or if I just wasted my $ for nothing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Eyebuydirect Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Sounds like you don’t understand how shipping works. Once it leaves the facility, it literally IS out of their hands.

Idiot. Which is why they said so. To blame the company for that is ridiculous. As for the second part, sometimes it takes awhile.

I’ve had glasses take 2 days and a few have taken 2 weeks. It sucks but that’s what you get for $20 frames.

I’m seriously in awe of how stupid you are. Bravo.




Rude much?


They're not rude, they're speaking facts no printer

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