Sherbrooke, Quebec
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Last year, I bought Chillax glasses and the frame broke for no reason (never dropped them, always took care of my glasses). When the frame broke, you told me I was not on the warranty anymore even though it was not my fault when they broke and that I purchased them only 7-8 months before they broke.

So I ordered (and paid) Millenium glasses that look just like the Chillax model and they broke at the same place on the frame only 7 months after I bought them.

The lady on the phone told me that they will ship me new ones, but that I have to pay for the shipping which I was not happy about. I still consider I shouldn’t have paid the second pair of glasses, nor the shipping of 9,95$ for the third pair.

If your products are not solid enough, I consider you hahe to pay for the shipping and not me.


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