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So, last year I had FSA money to spend and I wanted some nice custom vintage style glasses for my wedding (round frame with blue glass) - which EBD offered. I ordered this, in addition to trying out some of the photosensitive glasses (if they worked well I would have used them for my backup travel glasses) a pair of backup sunglasses and a pair of gold tinted glasses (to see if the gold tint worked well for computer usage)

After about 4 months each pair of glasses developed a greasy look to them (not sure if this is a break down of the Anti-glare coating etc) - I've tried cleaning them with different and new Microfibers, using Zeiss wipes, using Zeiss Lens cleaning solution, using Dawn (in the hopes that it was some sort of Grease) then even trying commercial glass cleaner and Rubbing Alcohol.

No change - the only pair I used heavily was the Sunglasses so I picked it up with customer service who told me that I had not had any other warranty complaints etc and they could replace the glasses one time (with me paying return shipping, of course...)

New pair came in a few weeks after sending off the old and they where great, for a whole 2 months. At this poing I know it's got to be the coating, as I only used the microfiber that came with it until it got "greasy" again. The coating on those broke down EVEN FASTER than the ones on the other glasses.

No matter what I clean these with, there's a greasy film that makes everything blurry and of course makes BRIGHT light into MASSIVE BRIGHT BLURS... Which defeats the point of sunglasses.

So... Let the buyer beware, I did their standard lenses on the colored ones and the polycarbonate on the sunglasses... the only thing I can think they all had in common where the UV coating and the Anti-Reflective coating.

You get what you pay for. If you want nice glasses, don't go here.

Review about: Eyebuydirect Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $240.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Just had the same thing happen to my Eye Buy Directs Lenses this week. How disappointing!

Troutman, North Carolina, United States #877754

Also - on the photosensitive lenses... they did darken, but not significantly...

it was more like the lenses looked slightly darker rather than actually reducing the light let in. So those where a waste as well

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