It takes weeks to get your glasses to begin with. Meanwhile they send you annoying emails saying "we're working on fitting your lenses to your frames perfectly, that step should be done in about 2 days and then on to the next step" etc.

I needed to return my prescription sunglasses a few months later because they had some kind of starry glare on them (and I'd hardly worn them enough to notice it), and what a nightmare. Not one person seems to know what's going on, I just called to pay my $5.95 shipping fee for them to send me the replacement pair (once they're done...probably in about two weeks). So I had to pay shipping both ways to return them and have THEIR workmanship repaired. The girl I talked to seemed very confused...first she was going to charge me, then not, then she did.

The whole experience with them has been frustrating and long. I've ordered many times from Coastal.com and have nothing but FANTASTIC things to say about them.

I order and receive glasses in about 2 days, and when I've had to make a return because of a problem, they actually send out the replacements before I even send back the original pair (with their supplied return shipping label). I honestly don't know how Eyebuydirect stays in business.

Monetary Loss: $12.

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Troutman, North Carolina, United States #877777

I kept searching and searching online for a fix to that "starry glare" - it was like someone had eaten fried chicken and wiped both sides of the lenses with their fingers... but nothing of the sort happened...

I tried their cleaning cloth and several others... then tried hot water and lint free cloth, hot soapy water (Dawn no less... figured it might help with the "grease", tried the Zeiss lens cleaner (highly recommended by several mfgs) no luck... use the same cleaning methods on my 3 year old Target RayBan glasses and they work great...

replaced the sunglasses and the issue came back within a month. it's got to be something in their coatings.

Greensburg, Pennsylvania, United States #849037

It is clear that this company and others like it take your order and money then send it to the lab that is no doubt in India or China. They play the email game to keep you off of their *** as long as possible and to try to stop you from contacting your credit card company later in the process.

Eyeglasses USA does exactly the same thing and the USA in their name is a dead giveaway they are located outside of the USA

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