San Antonio, Texas

I have ordered a total of 7 pairs of glasses from eyebuydirect so far. 3 pairs for me, and 4 pairs for my youngest. Their frames are reasonably, if not low priced and all materials used in the frames I have seem to be pretty standard in regards to quality. Standard lenses are free and upgrades to lenses (lighter/thinner, various coating options, tinting, photosensitive/transistions, etc.) are quite reasonably priced.

The only issue I've had is that my prescription sunglasses have a lense where it seems the tinting coat has split on one of the lenses. It is very odd and I have no idea what might have caused it, however it doesn't impede my vision and I primarily only use them for driving as two of my 3 pairs of glasses will darken when exposed to UV.

My daughter is quite young (7) and I was excited to be able to get her not just one pair of glasses but 3 and a pair of prescription sunglasses to help make her need for glasses neat and exciting. With their deals and low prices I was able to achieve this with $40. I also am pretty sure she's going to wind up breaking a pair or two as I did when I was little and wearing glasses so I'm very happy she has a back up pair or two!

One thing I found impressive was the day after I placed my order eyebuydirect contacted me as they noticed the PD for the prescription was low and put the order on hold until they were able to confirm that the PD was accurate and not a mistake. I'm glad they took the time to review my daughter's prescription and confirm if the PD was accurate rather than just crafting the glasses and sending me something that might not have worked for her!

Reason of review: Fair pricing.

Eyebuydirect Pros: Prices, Service, Shipping speed, Quality.

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